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Hi, my name is Calvin Bushor and I am a software engineer. I build web applications professionally and for fun using the latest and greatest in web technologies like #CSS3 and #HTML5.

I specialize in developing rich user experiences using #JavaScript to enhance the presentational layer but recently, I have taken my JavaScript experience to the server side with #NodeJS.

A logo of NodeJS.

I love #NodeJS!

I regularly attend the @DetNode meetups in downtown Detroit at the M@dison Building. We alternate between learning key components of NodeJS and our hack nights, where we pair program ourselve some awesome NodeJS applications.

I have deployed several sandbox Node applications using Heroku and nodejitsu, including my wedding website for my wife and I.

Follow me on Twitter or visit my blog to learn what I learn about Node and also, to get some funny links to some NSFW stuff.

Oh, and I can speak German! Aufiedersehen!

Oh Node You Didn't! - Slides

#1DevDay Developer Conference November 17th, 2012

Cal presenting at #1devday.
Calvin presenting "Oh Node You Didn't"

The fourth annual One Dev Day Developer Conference occured on November 17th, 2012 and I presented my "Oh Node You Didn't" slide deck about some of the core concepts within Node.js. The conference had it's best turn out with over 600 technology professionals and some great presenters from all over the country. The conference was hosted at Cobo Hall and sponsored by Quicken Loans, a big proponent of awesome technology in Detroit.

Oh Node You Didn't Presentation.
The first slide of "Oh Node You Didn't"

This was my first large presentation and it went really well. "Oh Node You Didn't" is an hour long presentation covering Node's non-blocking, event driven architecture, event emitters and socket.io.

I show off a bunch of real-time time applications like This is now, Swarmation, and an application I built, Instatagged. The audience of over 100 people were participating and laughing a lot as well timed, funny pictures were posted in real-time, testing my composure.

One Dev Day was a blast and I cannot wait until next year.

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